Relievvr & AnaOno: A Collaboration Rooted in Care and Recovery

Relievvr & AnaOno: A Collaboration Rooted in Care and Recovery

The road to recovery after breast surgery, be it a mastectomy with any form of reconstruction, is a deeply personal journey, fraught with physical and emotional challenges. It's a journey that demands not just medical expertise but also genuine empathy and understanding. The Relievvr device, in collaboration with AnaOno, embodies this holistic approach to post-breast surgery care.

Bridging Expertise with Empathy

The creation of Relievvr wasn't just a technological endeavor; it was a heartfelt mission. This innovative device was meticulously designed by leading breast cancer reconstruction experts who brought with them a profound understanding of the surgical process and its aftermath.

However, it's the collaboration with Dana Donofree, a breast cancer patient advocate and the CEO and founder of AnaOno, that truly makes the Relievvr stand out. Dana's lived experiences, combined with her dedication to creating solutions for those on similar journeys, infused the project with unmatched depth and sensitivity.

The Relievvr Device: A New Age of Recovery

The Relievvr is a cutting-edge post-operative device that targets discomfort through controlled vibrations. Its design is intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring that individuals can tailor the relief to their unique needs.

Synergy with AnaOno Bras

AnaOno, known for its specially designed bras for those who've undergone breast surgery, plays a pivotal role in the Relievvr's efficacy. The Relievvr device is designed to work seamlessly with bras from This compatibility ensures that the device stays in place, providing consistent relief where it's needed the most.

This synergy amplifies the recovery process. Patients can benefit from the therapeutic vibrations of Relievvr while being enveloped in the comfort of AnaOno bras, which are crafted to cater specifically to post-surgery needs.

A Vision for Holistic Recovery

The collaboration between Relievvr's medical experts and AnaOno's Dana Donofree is more than just a partnership. It's a testament to the power of combining medical knowledge with lived experiences. It's a vision of a recovery that's not just about healing wounds, but about restoring confidence, comfort, and a sense of normalcy.

In conclusion, the Relievvr device and AnaOno bras represent a beacon of hope and comfort for those navigating the complexities of breast surgery recovery. With such dedicated teams behind them, patients can look forward to a smoother, more empowered recovery journey.

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