What’s in a box; what’s in the box?

What’s in a box; what’s in the box?

We designed the Relievvr box to be as comfortable and efficient as your Relievvr. It is surfaced with soft matte rubber with concealed precise magnetic closure, that feels as premium as the device itself. We want you to feel good opening the box, because we know you’ll feel better using its contents. 

Nested in a perfectly fitting tray, you will find your Relievvr sitting safely, simply accessible for use. This is just like how we want you to use it on your body: safe and simple. One you remove the Relievvr its tray, you can peel off the protective backing, and stick the device near where you need it most. Done using it? Gently remove it right off your chest, and replace the protective backing to keep the tackiness. 

You can store your device in the the box, or use the silky soft bag we made for you, for when you’re on the go. You’ll find that right under the removable tray, along with a sturdy USB cable that magnetically connects to the device for rapid charging, and a user manual to help you get started. You’ll also find two tacky-back sticker swaps we designed and provided for you to replace the one that comes attached to your Relievvr.

Most users feel that the Relievvr works best when it’s in close contact with the skin, and that’s why we created the tacky-back, which also helps keep it in place without a bra. Sometimes you may want to change up the location during the day, or may not want to deal with sticking it on. That’s why we created built-in nonstick options.

The tacky stickers are made out of silicone, the same kind that’s used to help scars heal better and faster, so it’s safe to use on your skin (unless you have an allergy to silicone or adhesives.) You can re-use the tacky-back by rinsing with water, and if it looses its tackiness you can swap it out for the ones in the box, or buy more here.

At first use, the best thing to do is turn the device in (press and hold the button for three second) and find where it feels best. If you want to stick it to the skin, safest thing to do is to try placing the device with the tacky-back for a short period of time (10-15 minutes,) and check to see if your skin feels ok. If your skin gets pink and itchy, you can replace the white protective layer, or you can peel off the tacky-back layer altogether.

Under the removable tacky-back, the skin-facing surface of the device is made out of the same pleasant material as the top. Keeping the protective layer on (or removing it completely) lets you move the device around, giving you the freedom to place it wherever feels best. The works best snug against the skin, in a comfortably fitting bra, like the anaono.com line.

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